Cost Effective Monitoring That Ensures Public Safety & Offender Compliance

Location Monitoring in Bossier, Natchitoches & Shreveport, LA

EM Systems utilizes location monitoring technologies with industry best security measures that ensure the highest level of public safety and offender accountability. We currently provide location monitoring services in Bossier, Natchitoches, Northern Louisiana, Central Louisiana, and East Texas, with headquarters in Shreveport, LA. The services we provide, and the technologies that we recommend, are tailored to each agency's needs and the underlying population being monitored, including:

Court Ordered Location Monitoring

EM Systems has extensive experience working with judges, district attorneys, law enforcement, and program administrators to tailor location monitoring services and reporting requirements to satisfy each agency's needs. Court ordered monitoring often utilizes our Reli-Alert GPS ankle monitor, the safest, most reliable, and most secure GPS device on the market.

Domestic Violence

For domestic violence cases, the Reli-Alert GPS ankle monitor provides industry leading safety measures that protects victims and holds offenders accountable. The victim can also sign up for the Empower App , which creates a "mobile" geo-zone around the victim, allowing victims to receive an early warning notification if they are in close proximity to the offender when traveling outside of an established exclusion zone.

Juvenile Monitoring

For juvenile monitoring, in addition to using the Reli-Alert GPS ankle monitor, we also offer V-Check, an app based video check-in technology that allows for high levels of supervision and accountability, without the need for wearing an ankle monitor.

Bondsman Ordered

We provide electronic monitoring services to bondsmen to help (i) mitigate their risk for large bonds and / or higher-risk offenders, and (ii) satisfy court ordered requirements for clients required to wear a GPS monitor.

Home Incarceration Programs

According to the Bureau of Prisons, recent home incarceration programs had lower than 1% recidivism rate when coupled with appropriate electronic monitoring. These programs allow low-risk inmates to be monitored at home at a fraction of the cost of being detained at jail, freeing up space in overcrowded jails and saving taxpayer dollars. Utilizing the Reli-Alert GPS technology and advanced back-end monitoring systems, we are able to provide the highest level of security for home incarceration programs.

Pre-trial Monitoring Programs

It's common for correction facilities in the areas we service to have pre-trial detainees represent 50% or more of the total inmate population. Similar to home incarceration programs, pre-trial monitoring programs allow lower risk inmates awaiting trial to be monitored electronically for a fraction of the cost of occupying space in jail. We work with agencies to create pre-trial monitoring programs from scratch. We also work with agencies to take over and / or enhance pre-trial monitoring programs that they already have in place.

Probation Monitoring

We offer a range of electronic monitoring services for probation monitoring. The Reli-Alert GPS , V-Check, and AB Kiosk, technologies can be utilized based on the needs of the agency and the risk profile of the individuals being monitored.

As part of the electronic monitoring services we provide, EM Systems is responsible for supplying, installing, removing, and maintaining all location monitoring equipment.

EM Systems is also responsible for all location monitoring and reporting, ensuring that offenders are abiding by the terms of the program and that violations are being handled as directed by the District Attorney's Office / Judges / Law Enforcement Agency overseeing the program.

Learn More About Our Industry-Leading Location Monitoring Technologies

At EM Systems, we are constantly evaluating new technologies, allowing us to bring best in class location monitoring technologies to all of the agencies we service

Reli-Alert Ankle Monitor

The Reli-Alert is the safest, most reliable GPS device on the market, with best in class security measures, including:

  • Strap Cut Prevention: The Reli-Alert comes with a patented steel cuff, SecureCuffTM, that prevents strap cuts and is the most secure GPS device on the market. By addressing the critical "strap cut" issue so prevalent in adult and juvenile offenders, it ensures higher levels of public safety and offender accountability. It also significantly reduces the number of officer response hours attempting to locate offenders who have absconded. The SecureCuffTM is not offered by any other manufacturer.
  • Extended Battery Life: With nearly 3 days of battery life on a single charge, the ReliAlert has one of the longest battery lifes on the market. Not only does this minimize the risk of offenders not having the battery charged, but the 2 week "sleep mode" feature enables ongoing intermittent tracking even when the battery has not been charged.
  • Voice Communication Directly to Device: Voice calls directly to the device allows agency officers to call the offender device at any time - providing the ability for real-time voice interactions for offender check-ins or violation intervention.
  • Advanced Scheduling Capabilities for Home Incarceration: Advanced scheduling capabilities allow us to program where an offender is approved to be during any hour of the day, accounting for exclusion zones, multiple inclusion zones (home, work, school, etc.) and predetermined allowances for travel time in between.

Use Cases:

The Reli-Alert ankle monitor is widely used for court ordered location monitoring, domestic violence cases, juvenile monitoring (when strap cutting is a concern), bondsman ordered monitoring, home incarceration programs, pre-trial monitoring, and probation monitoring.

For a full product description of the Reli-Alert and its complete list of benefits and features, learn more here.

Empower App

For Domestic Violence cases, the Empower App creates additional safety and protection for victims.

  • Mobile Zone Enhances Safety for the Victim: Empower is a first of its kind smartphone application that creates a "mobile" geo-zone around a victim and works in conjunction with the offenders tracking device, ReliAlert, to provide a reliable, early warning notification to the victim when they are in close proximity to the offender. The mobile zone moves with the smartphone and an alert is generated if the offender breaches the zone parameters, allowing victims to have additional safety and security regardless of whether they are inside or outside of an established exclusion zone.
  • Direct Communication to Monitoring Center / Law Enforcement: Panic and dispatch buttons allow the victim to have quick communication with both law enforcement and the monitoring center

Use Cases:

The Empower app is most commonly used in Domestic Violence and Sex Offense cases to give additional safety, protection, and peace of mind to victims. It can also be utilized in any case where a victim is involved and is seeking additional protection.

For a full product description of the Empower App and its complete list of benefits and features, learn more here.


V-Check is a new location monitoring and video check-in application that allows for high levels of supervision and accountability, without the need for wearing an ankle monitor.

  • Accountability and Compliance, Without an Ankle Monitor: V-Check is a cell phone based video check-in application that allows supervision agencies to quickly and easily enroll participants in a continuous GPS monitoring program remotely and maintain high levels of compliance, without ankle-bracelet based supervision. Video check-ins can be scheduled, random, or on-demand and geo-fence parameters can be established for curfew.

Use Cases:

V-Check is a great monitoring tool for juvenile supervision when wearing an ankle monitor is not necessary. V-Check is also effective as a graduated sanction between wearing an ankle monitor and no electronic monitoring.

For a full product description of V-Check and its complete list of benefits and features, learn more here.

AB Kiosk System is a fully automated pretrial and probation monitoring kiosk that replaces the need for in-person check-ins. By assigning low-risk participants to a Kiosk, you can maintain a similar level of accountability as in-person check-ins while significantly bringing down case loads.

Agencies that have utilized the AB Kiosk System have cut their case loads in half at a fraction of the price of hiring additional staff

Use Cases:

The AB Kiosk is an effective monitoring and check in tool for pre-trial monitoring, probation monitoring, and work release programs.

For a full product description of the AB Kiosk and its complete list of benefits and features, learn more here.