EM Systems has partnered with Sens-O-Lock of America to bring the lowest cost and easiest-to-use ignition interlock system to Bossier, Natchitoches, Shreveport, Monroe, LA and surrounding areas. Benefits of this industry leading ignition interlock system include:

Fastest, Safest, & Easiest to Use

  • Easiest To Use! Most ignition interlocks require that you Blow-Suck-Blow or Blow-Hum-Blow for an extended time to generate a valid reading. This can be particularly challenging while you are driving. Our Straight Blow Sample Type simply requires that you blow into the device, making it the easiest to use ignition interlock system on the market.
  • Faster Start-Up Times! Most ignition interlock systems require 8 to 10 minutes before you can get your car started. That means you could be wasting 30 minutes to an hour every day, just starting your car. Our system takes approximately 2 minutes to complete the necessary steps to get your engine started.
  • Safer to Use! Our ignition interlock system is the only wireless system on the market. That means you can hold the device in your hand and bring it straight to your mouth while driving, making it both easier and safer to use while driving.

Low Cost

  • Lower Monthly Fees! We pride ourselves on providing straightforward pricing with some of the lowest monthly fees on the market.
  • Lower Violation Fees! We're not looking to make a bad situation worse if you happen to register a violation. We provide some of the lowest violation fees on the market.