24/7 Drug Monitoring That Increases Accountability and Program Compliance

Drug Monitoring Services in Bossier, Natchitoches, Shreveport & Monroe, LA

EM Systems provides drug monitoring services that allow for convenient 24/7 monitoring, ensuring accountability and program compliance not only during the week, but also during the weekends-a time when many participants are likely to use drugs. Our drug monitoring services help reduce recidivism, reduce drug abuse, support positive behavior modification, and increase successful rehabilitation of program participants. We currently provide drug monitoring services in Monroe, Bossier, Natchitoches, LA, Northern Louisiana, Central Louisiana, and East Texas, with headquarters in Shreveport, LA. The services we provide, and the technologies that we recommend, are tailored to each agency's needs and the underlying population being monitored, including:

Court Ordered Drug Monitoring

EM Systems has extensive experience working with courts, judges, district attorneys, law enforcement, and program administrators to tailor drug monitoring services to satisfy each agency's needs. Court ordered drug monitoring often utilizes our PharmChek drug patch, which provides 24/7 continuous drug monitoring. Courts serviced include criminal, drug, family preservation, veterans and other specialty courts.

Probation, Parole, Work Release, and Re-entry

EM Systems provides drug monitoring services for Probation, Parole, Work Release, and Re-Entry programs. Drug monitoring services are tailored based on the needs of the program and the risk profile of the individuals being monitored.

Volunteers, Parents, and Guardians

Our drug monitoring services can be tailored for individuals and families who want to introduce an extra layer of supervision and proactively monitor drug use to support behavior modification.

Businesses & Organizations

Our drug monitoring services can also be tailored for businesses and organizations that are looking for ongoing drug monitoring. These services can minimize liabilities, protect against injury and property damage when operating expensive and / or heavy machinery, and ensure appropriate supervision in zero drug tolerance operating environments.

As part of the drug monitoring services we provide, EM Systems is responsible for supplying, installing, removing, and maintaining all drug monitoring equipment.

EM Systems is also responsible for all drug monitoring and reporting, ensuring that participants are abiding by the terms of the program and that violations are being handled as directed by the Court / Diversion Program / District Attorney's Office / Judges / Law Enforcement Agency initiating the program. In addition to providing violation reports for all participants that we monitor, we are also available for in-court expert testimony as needed.

Our Drug Monitoring services are often utilized in conjunction with our Alcohol Monitoring services, to provide comprehensive monitoring for both drugs and alcohol.

Learn More About Our Industry-Leading Drug Monitoring Technologies

At EM Systems, we are constantly evaluating new technologies, allowing us to bring best in class drug monitoring technologies to all of the agencies we service

The PharmChek drug patch is a convenient, hygienic, non-invasive drug monitoring solution that allows for continuous, 24/7 monitoring for drug dependent clients. The tamper-proof drug patch is applied on the skin, recording drug use any time during the wear period. Benefits of the PharmChek drug patch relative to traditional urinalysis testing includes:

  • Catches drug use on weekends and intervals when UA tests are not being administered.
  • More convenient for participants and administrators. Each patch lasts 1 - 2 weeks, cutting down on frequency of testing, especially if participants are currently being UA tested 2-3 times a week, which is common among drug programs we work with.
  • Cost effective and hygienic alternative to urine testing

Use Cases:

PharmChek is often ordered by drug courts, criminal courts, and specialty courts when 24/7 program compliance is of utmost importance. For many drug programs, it can replace the need for urinalysis testing altogether. For others, it can be used as an alternative to UA testing when UA testing is not meeting the needs of the client or program administrators.

For a full product description of the PharmChek Drugs of Abuse Sweat Patch and its complete list of benefits and features, learn more here.