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Is a one-piece GPS tracking bracelet with industry-leading location accuracy, tamper detection, and battery life, backed by user-friendly case management and tracking software. By utilizing GPS in location monitoring programs, you can effectively supervise and track clients in the community.

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5 Key Points – SCRAM GPS

  • Agencies need to focus on true zone violation and tamper alerts. The revolutionary strap technology substantially reduces false alerts and provides immediate notifications when a strap is cut.
  • Low battery alerts are one of the most common alerts and can easily overwhelm an officer’s caseload. Since SCRAM GPS has an industry-leading 50+ hour battery life, low battery alerts are significantly reduced.
  • Agents need to be able to react quickly to locate a client or assist in an apprehension.  With SCRAM GPS, agents can engage Pursuit Mode to automatically plot GPS points every 15 seconds, allowing agents to track client with near real-time transmission data. In addition, you can get a get a comprehensive picture of a client’s travel patterns via street view mapping.
  • GPS clients generate nearly 1,500 location points daily, creating piles of data for agents to sort through. SCRAM GPS Analytics can consolidate data so agents can focus on tasks that are most urgent. With SCRAM GPS Analytics you can:
    • View clients who visit the same location.
    • Identify travel patterns, stops, and unknown locations.
    • Use Google Maps to get a street view of the client’s location.
    • Analyze up to a months’ worth of GPS points in seconds.