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SCRAM Cam Bracelet – 24/7 Alcohol Monitoring Made Easy! 

For people caught driving under the influence, SCRAM systems, short for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring, appear to be a better alternative than jail. The system allows the enforcement agencies and relevant authorities to keep track of people who have been ordered not to drink alcohol. It is also the most widely used and trusted transdermal alcohol testing system. 

As far as SCRAM Cam Bracelets are concerned, these are meant to monitor DUI offenders long-term. The ankle bracelet is meant to determine the offender’s alcohol intake by sampling the perspiration every 30 minutes, round the clock. No matter what, the system is designed to be efficient and provide conclusive reports. Unlike other monitoring systems, the Cam bracelets are easy to use. Realizing the system’s effectiveness, law enforcement agencies are making them a part of their drive to keep a tab on DUI offenders. It is one of the best ways to safeguard the community and reduce jail costs. 

So, How Reliable are SCRAM Bracelets?

SCRAM Cam Bracelets monitor the perspiration of the wearer every 30 minutes. Almost similar to a portable breath alcohol tester, the device is designed to ascertain the level of alcohol in the person’s body. This way, the device completely eliminates the testing gaps, thus increasing accountability. The bracelets not only encourage sobriety but also plays a crucial role in increasing compliance rates. It can be said that the courts and other agencies are using bracelets to protect and safeguard the community. 

At least with continuous alcohol monitoring, things are likely to change on the ground. The monitoring systems will not only pave the way for long-term behavioral change but also assists in the treatment of alcohol dependency. With more people staying sober, it will end up benefitting the community. 

Final Thoughts 

SCRAM Cam Bracelets utilizes industry-leading anti-temper technology, and its reliability is not a matter of concern for the authorities. With the system testing the clients continuously, every 30 minutes in 24 hours, the enforcement agencies find it easy to keep track of the people who attempt to consume alcohol. If it is about increasing supervision to ensure that a client stays at home within the mandated hours, SCAM bracelets can be a good option. 

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