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AB Kiosk – Automated Alcohol & Drug Test

EMS is excited to announce a new Alcohol Monitoring and Drug Test option in Shreveport-Bossier. The AB Kiosk is an exciting technology software that allows an agency to fully automate time consuming monitoring from anywhere.

Interactive Kiosk

The interactive AB Kiosk fully automates Alcohol Monitoring and Probation Check-ins and makes it easy for clients to conform to the requirements of their pre-trial release or sentencing. Typically located outside the secure area of a jail, courthouse, or treatment facility where is provides easy client access, the AB Kiosk can conduct up to 30 alcohol screenings or probation check-ins per hour, 24/7. This eliminates the need for deputies or supervisors to escort clients through security and conduct PBTs using handheld devices. Instead the Kiosk does all the work, and immediately uploads the results of the screening or check-in.

  • Wall or pedestal mounted
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Secure biometric identification via fingerprint authentication
  • Video and photo capture
  • Two-way communications – delivers client-specific questions and records the responses
  • Up to 30 alcohol screenings or check-ins per hour
  • Cash and credit card payment
  • Print, email, and text receipts
  • Failed or missed tests immediately prompt supervisor notifications

Integrated Client-Management Software Program

The AB Kiosk Client-Management Software Program makes it easy to automate every facet of your alcohol monitoring, pre-trial monitoring, and probation check-in programs. Deputies, supervisors and probation officers can monitor their clients and programs from their desktops, laptops or smartphones, and generate reports in just three clicks. During alcohol monitoring and probation check-ins, they can also present on-screen questions to clients and receive notifications as responses are posted.

  • Simplifies client onboarding and management
  • Collects client data through the kiosk to the PKT Admin management system
  • Coordinates randomized and scheduled tests
  • Sends email and text notifications to clients
  • Uploads test results
  • Issues alerts for failed tests
  • Monitors low-risk probationers
  • Creates probation questions and manages responses
  • Generates client- and program-level reports
  • Incorporates drug-screening data

See AB Kiosk Video here.